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Stairs and furnishing


Special stairs

The realizazions of special stairs arise from customize project for it’s customer and architectural  project  requiered by professionals, with the partecipation of companies that look care of the costruction and installaction  with it’s workers.

Spiral staircases in aluminium

Stairs entirely made in aluminum alloy with cnc machines. Central spacer bushing with docking angular overlop of the steps. Milled columns, they create a thick alignment even think with shelves of attack. Complete with non-slip tread on milling. Treatment of natural anodization, with the possibility of anodizing in color ral. Mailing with horizontal currents, with single-blade shake uprights in aluminium, stainless steel handrail and horizontal beams.

Stairs a day in aluminum and led

Stairs at day made completely in aluminum. Leg loops are trimmed with inserts by interlocking guarantee the maximum flow rate. Realization of the leg loops and columns railing with watercutting and machining with numerical control machines. Slotted steps for insertion in the drawer of leds ispectable. The anodizing treatment natural, with possibility of anodization to color or paint RAL.

Stairs Model INCAS

Incas Model is a stair to higher performance. made in painted steel, galvanized, corten steel or stainless steel with support tread step flush. Achievable both in the version with nut, with a step to view the intrados, which in the helical versions, day or mixed with step tread embedded in wood, marble and glass. Railing a horizontal currents with uprights monolayer or double flat.

Stairs Model Incas to lateral microstructure

Model Incas a microstructure, with kneeboard smooth or stepped outer side and spacer between side steps inside. Railing to horizontal currents and columns to choice or parapets in crystal. Structure steps with recessed housing tread finishing in crystal, wood or marble. Finishes: painted iron or stainless steel.

Stairs a day in crystal

Stairs at day with supporting structure in crystal layered struturale and steps in the stratified crystal temperate thickness 10+10+10+pvb  assembled with rotules attacks in stainless steel.

Spiral staircase in the crystal

Spiral staircase completely helical in crystal. Realizable in circular and square with eventual intrados closed and handrail passing inside. Stairs made with sheets of glass are shaped so as to overlap. railing to horizontal currents with uprights monolayer or double flat, handrail and horizontal rails stainless steel.

Plack Laser Simplex & Douplex

Stairs Laser Model  Plack  simplex a microstructure with double side plate. Stairs Laser Model Plack Douplex a dual structure with side plecca to view. In both cases, railing to Horizontal currents with uprights monolayer or double flat, handrail and horizontal rails stainless steel. Stair achievable with supporting structure bicolored.

Standard Stairs

Marketing products made by the company Alfa Scale and collaborating firms.

Retractable stairs

Products marketing company Alfa Scale

Escape staircases

Products marketing made by the firm Cometa srl.

Stairs in reinforced concrete

Concrete stairs of the company C.A. Scale.

Stairs in cast iron

Spiral staircases and balustrades in iron, aluminum company Ghisarredo.


Lofts tailored, with iron and stainless steel structure intrados or with decor, complete with walkable floor, wood, glass.

Bridges for swimming pools

Bridge consisting of supportino structure in painted or galvanized steel aisi 316. Consists of side frame to design with led lighthing. Intermediate steps with a support  structure built with stone cladding. Walkway upper steel frame and walkways crystal with led lighthing diffusion and stainlees steel side hadrails with rotules attacks.

Pools and wellness

Products marketing company Gramaglia


Glass canopies to complete prismatics conformations of fixing tie rods, ball joints, stainlees steel or aluminium spiders.

Steps prefabricated

Steps in reinforced concrete and components of forniture. Pool line.

Line pool

Aluminium and glass.

Floating Floors